Europ Assistance, you live, we care


Our charter

Working within Europ Assistance means taking part in a collective venture, where staff and managers build something together. In return for the commitment, contribution and performance of its employees, Europ Assistance has made a commitment on five key points, making up the "Fair Contract".

Company values  shared by everyone

In Europ Assistance, our culture of responsibility is embodied in five values shared by all our staff :

  • Commitment to our customers
  • Performance as a team
  • Value creation
  • The pioneering spirit
  • Integrity

These values have been present and active in the company since it began and we want them to be shared by everyone who joins us.

Working for our customers, and focused on innovation, this human and ethical commitment encourages us to give the very best of ourselves, for the well-being of our customers.

The professional development of our staff

We give a helping hand to all Europ Assistance employees in their professional development by contributing to the acquisition of experience and useful, stimulating skills. And by taking part in the development and enhancement of transversal skills such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, confidence and personal development.  

At Europ Assistance, we want to be a source of satisfaction and enrichment for our staff, and remain as such all through their careers.    

Care Management

We create conditions that foster dialogue between managers and their teams:

- every communication from the Group and its subsidiaries is relayed to all our employees by our managers  

- each manager has annual communication objectives and works constantly to improve their managerial skills.

- managers promote an atmosphere at work where  staff are invited to express their point of view, suggestions  and questions.

A working environment based on respect

At Europ Assistance, we have made a commitment to making working conditions for our employees rewarding. This involves a few simple commitments, including respect for diversity, fighting discrimination, encouraging human contact and transparent communication between employees, and freedom of association.

A system of recognition 

Each year our employees are rewarded for their skills, individual contributions, the success of their teams and according to the overall performance of the Group. 

Rewards for the work accomplished are a mixture of financial and non-financial recognition. They are adapted to the local regulations governing each of our subsidiaries.