Europ Assistance, you live, we care


Our business line culture

Joining Europ Assistance means taking part in a group venture where teamwork is crucial.

Working in a team and in a network

To resolve situations all over the world, our staff prove their agility for working in a network.  Whether an assistance agent in Sao Paulo or Istanbul, every employee calls upon other colleagues of theirs in the Group, or local correspondents. Thanks to their intimate knowledge of the country and its structures, these local relays in 208 countries and territories make it possible to organize help on site to customers in difficulty. A powerful network of solidarity that makes working for Europ Assistance a truly human adventure designed to help our customers.


In a company that has made innovation one of its flagship commitments, the involvement and ideas of our staff are of primordial importance.
Encouraging everyone to express themselves, organizing internal challenges and developing inter-departmental communications are all part of the working ernvironment vital for constructing the company of tomorrow together. And helping our business lines to develop.   

Respect for specific factors

Care Services approaches personal service in a highly individual way, catering for the specificities of every customer, every  situation and every country.This culture extends to our internal organization and our way of working with our staff.The proper management of a global group cannot be thought of in terms of the local aspect only. It requires profound respect for specific factors, awareness of cultural differences, a spirit of exchange and an open mind.
Our goal is to propose flexible solutions to our subsidiaries to enable their integration and adaptation in a fluid way. At Europ Assistance, we promote a company policy that respects difference on a daily basis.    


At Europ Assistance we defend the idea of employability. As a company focused on people, our task is to work for the development and professional accomplishment of our employees. We take action to ensure that the skills acquired with Europ Assistance contribute to each person's professional and personal development, making for a satisfying and rewarding career. 

Training in the assistance profession

All new employees are trained in the assistance profession as soon as they join Europ Assistance.  This specific training consists of quality training combining   theory and practice in the field. This is then consolidated for several months through the presence of a sponsor allocated to every new member of staff. This commitment to long-term training enables newly-recruited staff to carry out varied assignments while having the safety net of an expert supervisor. 


Every new member of staff is associated with a sponsor, who accompanies them for the first six months of their life in the company. This experienced member of staff will pass on his or her knowledge of the profession, provide help and assist them in their daily challenges.  A means of creating personal links, and the guarantor of top quality service for our customers, sponsorship is one of the cornerstones of our HR policy.