Europ Assistance, you live, we care


Focus on the assistance agent

At the centre of our chain of human technical skills, the Assistance Agent is a "responsible" player within a mutually supportive team.  He or she embodies the spirit of the Care Services on a daily basis.

An approach to the business based on four key points

The welcome

As the first contact on the phone for our customers, the assistance agent provides a multilingual welcome 24/7. He responds to our customers' needs and provides instant help. He listens, reassures, and analyzes the situation and risk management.   

Instant mobilization of technical and human help

After analyzing the situation, the assistance activates the appropriate means to help customers, by mobilizing our network and specialist teams. He initiates the means required for intervening, coordinates assistance operations within and outside France, and ensures that they are carried out properly.

Real-time information

The assistance agent keeps customers and their families up to date in real time as operations progress. 

The resolution of the problem

The assistance agent guarantees the efficiency of the solution provided whatever the circumstances. He is dedicated to resolving a complex  situation in real time, and ensures the success of the intervention as regards the teams involved and the customers.

The essential qualities 

Assistance agents are recruited on the basis of their personalities, professionalism, maturity and sense of responsibility. An ability to work in a team and a strong sense of service are also essential qualities.   

Being an assistance agent consists firstly of using your talent to serve people. This is why we seek above all employees with an ability to listen, understand and reassure our customers, however urgent the situation may be.  A good feeling for contact and empathy are vital to all our businesses.