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Assistance businesses

With Europ Assistance, assistance businesses are promoted all over the world by top quality teams who put people at the very heart of their mission.

A variety of missions

Taking care of travellers and organising their repatriation; assisting motorists and helping to sort out their vehicle repairs; supporting elderly people with their health on a daily basis and reassuring the people close to them; advising families about a legal matter… Working for Europ Assistance means covering several professions and subjects, taking care of people first and foremost, and adapting to every situation. Multiple missions at the core of the four Care Services business lines, all needing specific skills.

People skills and technical expertise

To cope with very diverse situations all around the world and ensure successful missions for our customers, the Europ Assistance business lines demand considerable technical and people skills.

An ability to adapt, resistance to stress, reactivity , dynamism, mastery of the new technologies and a foreign language, the management of emergency and teamwork are all vital skills to guarantee  Europ Assistance customers unrivalled quality of service in every situation.

Rewarding business lines

Europ Assistance employees know how to cope with the unexpected in everyday and exceptional situations by mobilising the right people at the right time. Their everyday tasks include finding solutions in an ultra-responsive way, resolving crises, rescuing individuals and families in distress, anticipating situations and preparing customers for these situations.

This involvement and this commitment to helping people are felt very strongly by our staff, who are proud of what they do, and with good reason.

Working for Europ Assistance means contributing as a team to a project that has real meaning, by putting their heart and soul into practical, solid missions designed to help people.